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I’m really excited about Otakon so I’m dumping all here: (-Joy)

ASDFGHJKL; My god only two more days! I’m getting so anxious I’m pretty sure I’m going to drive my friends and family crazy by this weekend because I can’t stop talking about it. 

And I decided on a third cosplay for the weekend. So for the Sat photoshoot, I’ll be switching between Ash and Yellow because they have the same t-shirt/shorts base outfit. How I’m going to pull off basically stripping all of the accessories in a crowd of people, I have no idea. I feel kinda bad about having to use my natural hair for Ash(ley) as opposed to a wig, but I don’t have the money. And I’m blonde so it’s kind of canon? But with Yellow it’s fine and for the TR grunt it doesn’t matter since everyone personalizes that anyway. It’s just that I kinda feel upset when people take the easy way out for cosplay, and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. 

So many feels I don’t know what to DOOOO. (If you actually bothered to read this, I’m really sorry Dx ) I just can’t wait though and it’s driving me crazy. 

I’m hoping to get a bunch of pokemon doujinshi and fanart ^^ I didn’t get any doujinshi at Katsucon and now I kind of regret it but I’m hoping I can find straight pairings rather than Ash x Gary or Red x Blue/Green kinda thing. And I’ll be posting all the pokemon-related pictures here, and chances are the other pictures are going to go on my personal account. If that matters to anyone. 

Ok yeah I think I’ll shut up now. ^^;; If you bothered reading, thank you~ ♥

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